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Askelinos Villas

Enjoy a quiet and relaxing vacation when you reserve in a Askelinos Villas. Spread out in one of a 4 Luxury Villas with 62 square meters of lavish living areas with all the Amenities. Experience the Karpathian lifestyle in the most comfortable and new build Villas, featuring a 4 private swimming pools of 24 square meters and separate living and dining areas.


Askelinos Villas

So...What is Askelinos?

Askelinos (scientific name: Juniperus Phoenicia ) is a juniper that grows mainly in the Mediterranean region.
In Greece grows in the mountains of the central and southern part of the mainland, in the islands of Southern Aegean, the Ionian sea, and in Crete, mainly near the sea.
Askelinos is a plant with a short trunk and its leaves look like those of a cypress. Its shoots are branched from its base and its flowers are green and spherical and blush when they ripe.
Some parts of the plant are used in chemical and pharmaceutical biology due to their important organic and inorganic components.
Askelinos adorns the entrance of our complex and the surrounding area as well.
Askelinos plant karpathos

Unforgetable holidays

In a Paradise Island


The Capital City of Karpathos, only 3 km from Ammoopi Beach where Askelinos Villas are located

Full of  activities &  tradition to experience 

Explore the island, feel the tradition, talk with the locals and enjoy the unique villages.


4 Luxury Villas to

Relax and Enjoy your Holiday

Video tour of the Area

Amoopi Beach by Drone