Karpathos among the best destinations in Europe for 2024 – What the international press is writing

Karpathos is the focus of international media ahead of the new season

The Evening Standard recently listed Karpathos as one of Europe’s top ten low-season holiday destinations. According to the popular British newspaper, Karpathos provides tourist services without unreasonable costs and offers an authentic look at the way of life preserved on the Greek islands.

The Guardian broadcasts on the same wavelength, in the 24 most exciting vacation experiences on dream beaches, recognises Karpathos and nearby Saria island as one of the best-kept secret places in Europe.

According to the international media outlet, holidays on the second largest island of the Dodecanese offer pleasant surprises through the picturesque villages, the exceptional gastronomy, the unique traditions and Saria, which was once a favourite lair of pirates.

In addition, the upward dynamic of the destination abroad is also evident from the recent inclusion of Karpathos in the ten most popular Greek destinations, which resulted from a vote on the Dutch travel website Griekenne.net.

“Our aim is to utilise a range of tourist promotion ‘tools’ to convey the magic of the destination to travellers looking for quality and to professionals or journalists looking to highlight authentic experiences. In recent years, especially after the pandemic, trends have changed, with the result that standardisation is no longer the goal, but the search for destinations beyond the trivial,” pointed out the Deputy Mayor for Tourism of the Municipality of Karpathos, Tasos Milios.

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CNN for Karpathos Island

Karpathos, Greece (CNN) — White and pastel-washed buildings set atop rugged hills overlook clear, blue water. The sun sets in breathtaking fashion. The Karpathos moon is so full and bright that intrepid traveler Katie Sehl figured it for a lamp or a giant spotlight the first time she saw it.

In many ways, Karpathos looks like the other islands of Greece you’ve seen in pictures or in person, and Sehl, a freelance writer and editor based in Montreal, has just arrived on the remote island for the second time in less than two years.
Although only an hour-long flight from Athens, Karpathos has an edge-of-the-world feel to it, especially in the quiet mountainous northern region of Olympos, in the off-season.
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Watch a Video of Ammopi Beach by drone

Amoopi (also known as Ammopi, or Lakki) is located 8 km south of Pigadia. It is famous resort in Karpathos, known for its hotels and apartments that host tourists from many countries.

Amoopi offers to the visitors’ wide range of beaches, a peaceful atmosphere, and excellent possibilities for snorkeling. The beaches in the area are organized (parasols, sunbeds, beach bars, tavernas), and easily accessible, with a lot of parking sites.

watch a video of Ammoopi by drone

Best beaches in Karpathos


Some of the best beaches in Greece are in Karpathos island, but which ones are they? Find out our favourite places to enjoy the amazing scenery, sun and turquoise sea!

With crystal clear waters, beautiful landscapes, surfing spots, calm atmospheres and some of the best greek diving sites, Karpathos island is close to being a little greek heaven on earth.

Are you curious? Let’s see these beaches!